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Re: X windows problems

Re: X windows problems

                      2012.12.20.17:45:35 UT

Hi Art,

     I installed Cygwin earlier this year on
the laptop computer of one of my students.  I
typically use a rather barebones configuration
where I have XWin running in the multiwindow
mode.  I use Cygwin in order to get tex-live
and GNU Octave running on my crappy WinXP
workstation at the college where I work.  I
believe that the installation I did on the
laptop still works.

    The notes that I made for myself when I
did the Win7 installation on the laptop were:

1) definitely disable UAC (User Access Control).
     The UAC ruins your ability to start up
     Cygwin and XWin.

2) also disable (or even un-install) Windows
     Defender.  It is a bot-scanner that will
     only act as a real-time resident protection
     service.  That interferes so much with
     Cygwin/XWin that it must be killed.

3) implement a standard AV program (I typically
     use Avast!, but SVG also works well), the
     Spybot anti-malware passive scanner (no
     Tea-Timer or resident services) and the
     standard MS Firewall.

I realize that what I've written here is not
heavy on detail, but I think that it captures
the essentials for Cygwin/Xwin under Win7.

Good luck,

George               g_barrick_at_walsh_dot_edu

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