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Re: trouble accessing samba shares with spaces and/or parentheses

On 12/22/2012 12:27 AM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

Or you can just do

$ # \'s doubled because bash swallows them and net use requires them.
$ net use \\\\<server>\\share

Okay, I did not know the letter could be ommitted.
More importantly, is it possible to mount a network share, using cygwin, so that it becomes visible/available in explorer?
Again, no mounting is required. Open up Windows Explorer and type in the UNC (\\<server>\<share>) and there you are!

It would be that simple, if there were no credentials involved.

The scope of mounting seems to be limited to a process (tree). Every service must mount separately.
That's not been my experience.
Or have I missed something?
Might have. What have you tried?

Simple: 1) Let user xx mount a share with 'Map network drive', 2) use ssh to login as xx@machine and type 'net use': There are no entries in the list.

It's the same for the services. I can give you the one-liners.

Windoze seems to lack a system level mount, such as we see on *nix.

It can be argued that there is no fundamental problem with this. But in practice I now need to manage credentials and connect/disconnect in several places (i.e. services).

Some questions come to mind:

* Is there a way for the service to find out which shares are mounted by the user (and which credentials)?

* The (plaintext) credentials are known to the app. Can I use the windows vault in some way, via CredWrite() / CredRead() ?

- bartels

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