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Re: trouble accessing samba shares with spaces and/or parentheses

Greetings, bartels!

>> $ # \'s doubled because bash swallows them and net use requires them.
>> $ net use \\\\<server>\\share

> Okay, I did not know the letter could be ommitted.
>>> More importantly, is it possible to mount a network share, using cygwin, so that it becomes visible/available in explorer?
>> Again, no mounting is required. Open up Windows Explorer and type in the UNC (\\<server>\<share>) and there you are!

> It would be that simple, if there were no credentials involved.

It'll ask you for credentials, if that would be necessary.
Or you can enter credentials beforehand, assuming you're using the same for
one remote system.
net use \\host\IPC$ * /user:<username>

>>> The scope of mounting seems to be limited to a process (tree). Every service must mount separately.
>> That's not been my experience.
>>> Or have I missed something?
>> Might have. What have you tried? 

> Simple:
> 1) Let user xx mount a share with 'Map network drive',
> 2) use ssh to login as xx@machine and type 'net use': There are no entries in the list.

> It's the same for the services. I can give you the one-liners.

Network drive letter assignment are per user session.

> Windoze seems to lack a system level mount, such as we see on *nix.

Because drive letters are the thing of past and left there for user's
convenience, not as a system necessity.

> It can be argued that there is no fundamental problem with this. But in
> practice I now need to manage credentials and connect/disconnect in 
> several places (i.e. services).

Grow up already and use centralized network authentication.

> Some questions come to mind:

> * Is there a way for the service to find out which shares are mounted by the
> user (and which credentials)?

There should be no need for that.

> * The (plaintext) credentials are known to the app. Can I use the windows
> vault in some way, via CredWrite() / CredRead() ? 

Andrey Repin ( 22.12.2012, <18:26>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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