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Re: unable to copy folder contents. showing error "cannot stat. no such file directory"

Greetings, Divakar K!

> can someone please help me to copy only the folder contents?

copy /Y /Z D:\ostore_7.4_int_bld\package\ostore\* \\rdlserv\cdimage\ObjectStore\ostore\7.4.0\winnt_vc100\20121226\Win_32_VS_2010

Don't mix native windows environment and Cygwin tools without a good clue of
what you're doing.

> in our script we used asterisk to copy the folder contents. but it is
> failing with the error.

H:\>>cp -rf D:\ostore_7.4_int_bld\package\ostore\*
> \\rdlserv\cdimage\ObjectStore\ostore\7.4.0\winnt_vc100\20121226\Win_32_VS_2010
> cp: cannot stat `D:\\ostore_7.4_int_bld\\package\\ostore\\*': No such
> file or directory

> if i omit asterisk then it is copying but with folder name which we dont need.

H:\>>cp -rf D:\ostore_7.4_int_bld\package\ostore\ \\rdlserv\cdimage\ObjectStore\o
> store\7.4.0\winnt_vc100\20121226\Win_32_VS_2010

> Thanks & Regards,
> Divakar

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Andrey Repin ( 27.12.2012, <17:51>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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