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Re: Strange and very annoying bug/problem with CPAN

On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 3:45 PM, pierre masci wrote:
> Hi all,
> CPAN does strange things here.
> I installed Cygwin 1.7.17 on WinXP a few days ago, and am using Perl 5.14.2.
> Often when i'm installing a module from CPAN, it stops near the start
> on an error, telling me that it "Couldn't move
> $temporary_module_folder to $cpan_build_folder". I have put the
> complete copy-pasted error below this text that explains the problem.
> The very strange thing is that it only does it "sometimes" (too
> often), and it seems to be unpredictable : the same module will
> sometimes start installing, and sometimes just die on this error 20
> times in a row; and then 10 minutes later it will work.
> It is extremely annoying : i start an install, stay for the first
> minute just in case this error happens, then start to do other work
> related tasks, and when i come back to it one of the dependencies has
> failed with this error. And keep on failing for 10 minutes, until
> suddenly it works. It takes me hours/days to install all the
> dependencies of a single module that i need. And i have to keep on
> checking every 5 minutes that the install hasn't been stopped. Or
> sometimes realize after an hour that it had stopped after only 2
> minutes.
> If anybody has an idea, please help :-)
> Pierre aka mascip

I also sometimes get this error, and it's an upstream CPAN error with
the unpacking logic.
doesn't list it, though I remember having it reported some time ago.
Please file a new report there, Andy will remember maybe.
Reini Urban

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