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RE: Compiling deja-dup

Larry, thanks for your responses...

 > 1. Make sure your path does not include " ". Some of the packages I
 > tried to compile from source failed with funny errors eluding to "Files/Windows"
 > (obviously "Program Files/Windows") - once I updated my Path to not include
 > references to "Program Files" those errors went away.

 I assume you meant "Program Files" in your opening statement. Your solution
 works. The alternative is to quote the internal paths with spaces or
 otherwise escape the spaces.

>> Actually the error specifically states "Files/Windows". It took me a turn to figure out it was complaining about my path. I did try escaping the spaces in $PATH with a \ but that didn't have the desired effect... So I decided to update PATH to not have any spaces.

 > 3. Most of the source I worked with came from
 >, as it turned out a very
 > good source of CygWin packages - including a few that not appear on Cygwin's
 > setup (such as libpeas that I have not been able to find)

 More than "a few" packages in Cygwin Ports are not in the official
 distribution. :-) They can all be installed with 'setup.exe' if you add the
 path to the Cygwin Ports repository to 'setup.exe' though.

>> Can you explain this a bit more - I'm not sure how to "add the path to setup.exe". I tried using the above URL from setup.exe - but it didn't give me an option to install deja-dup directly. 

 > 5. A number of my problems were caused by the fact that I was building
 > my source on a network drive (as my home directory happens to be located on a
 > share). My experience shows that building on the local machine works a lot
 > better. I think it has something to do with symbolic links not working right
 > on network shares (or is that just Samba network shares?)

 Permissions are more problematic on your typical network share. If you can
 avoid them, that makes things easier, yes.

 > If anybody believes this compiled version of deja-dup would be share
 > worthy I'm happy to do so.----------------------------------------

 Is it really different from the one on Cygwin Ports? Regardless, if you
 want to provide it as an official package for Cygwin, read through
 <> and in your ITA/ITP, just ask Yaakov if
 he minds you picking up this package and its dependencies from him.

>> Hmm. It probably isn't - however (as I indicated above) I've not been able to figure out how I would go about installing it "directly" - i.e. without first downloading the source from Cygwin Ports and compiling/installing. Perhaps there's another trick I'm not aware of. 		 	   		  
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