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Re: Linking Problems and undefined references to standart functions

Hi Sonya,

On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 12:48 PM, Sonya Blade  wrote:
> gfortran command to compile the code is as follow :
> gfortran.exe  -o bin\Debug\Petsc_Fortran.exe obj\Debug\main.o    C:\Users\....\Downloads\petsc-3.3-p6\arch-mswin-c-debug\lib\libpetsc.a C:\cygwin\lib\libX11.a C:\Users\mehmet\Downloads\libblas.lib C:\Users\.....\Downloads\liblapack.lib C:\Users\....\Downloads\liblapacke.lib C:\cygwin\lib\libcygwin.a
> Output size is 16.90 MB

I'm not familiar with gfortran, but it seems to me that you are mixing
Cygwin (libpetsc.a, libX11.a, libcygwin.a) and non-Cygwin libraries
(libblas.lib, liblapack.lib). This will not work.
Are you really using Cygwin's gfortran?

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