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Re: postgresql-devel package missing pg_config?

marco atzeri wrote:
I guess they do not support cygwin (and windows)

$ ./root/configure --help

Supported Architectures:
   aix5                 for AIX 5.x with xlC
   aixgcc               for AIX 5.x with gcc >= 3
   alphacxx6            for DEC Unix with cxx6
   alphagcc             for DEC Unix with gcc
   freebsd4             for FreeBSD 4.x with gcc
   freebsd5             for FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x with gcc
   freebsd7             for FreeBSD 7.x with gcc
   hpuxacc              for HP-UX 10.20 with HP aCC
   hpuxgcc              for HP-UX 10.20 with gcc
   hpuxia64acc          for HP-UX 11i v1.5 (IA-64) with HP aCC
   hurddeb              for Debian GNU/Hurd with gcc
   ios                  for Apple iOS on armv7 device
   iossim               for Apple iOS on i386 simulator
   linux                for i386 Linux with gcc >= 3
   linuxicc             for i386 Linux with Intel's icc
   linuxalphagcc        for Alpha Linux with gcc
   linuxarm             for ARM Linux with gcc
   linuxhppa            for HPPA Linux with gcc
   linuxia64ecc         for Itanium Linux with Intel icc
   linuxia64gcc         for Itanium Linux with gcc >= 3
   linuxmips            for MIPS Linux with gcc
   linuxppcgcc          for PPC Linux with gcc
   linuxppc64gcc        for PPC 64 Linux  with gcc >= 3
   linuxx8664gcc        for x86-64 Linux with gcc >= 3.x
   linuxx8664icc        for x86-64 Linux with Intel icc >=10.x
linuxx8664k1omicc for x86-64 Intel Many Integrated Cores Linux with Intel icc >=13.x
   lynxos               for LynxOS with gcc
   macosx               for MacOS X >= 10.4 with gcc
   macosxicc            for MacOS X >= 10.4 with Intel icc (Intel only)
   macosx64             for MacOS X >= 10.5 with gcc 4.0 64 bit mode
   openbsd              for OpenBSD >= 3.7 with gcc
   sgicc                for SGI IRIX 6.x with CC
   sgicc64              for SGI IRIX 6.x with CC 64 bits
   sgigcc               for SGI IRIX 6.x with gcc
   sgin32gcc            for SGI IRIX 6.4 with gcc using n32 ABI
   solaris              for Solaris with CC
   solarisCC5           for Solaris with CC 5.0
   solaris64CC5         for Solaris with CC 5.0 64 bits
   win32                for Win32 with VC++ and gdk based GUI
   win32gcc             for Win32 with cygwin/gcc


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