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last snapshot: could not acquire lock


Snapshot dated 20130430 was working OK for me. Snapshot dated 20130501 hangs temporarily (about 40 sec) before
printing the following message:

5 [sig] tcsh 2428 get_proc_lock: Couldn't acquire sync_proc_subproc for(5,1), last 7, Win32 error 0 194 [sig] tcsh 2428 proc_subproc: couldn't get proc lock. what 5, val 1

Afterwards, all seems OK. It occurs each time 'tcsh' is launched. Only tcsh seems to be able to produce the (delay and the) message. 'tcsh -f' has no problem. The delay (and message) is produced _before_ .cshrc is executed.

While tcsh is running, the delay+message is also produced sometimes with commands like the line below (where pipes are used within backquotes), but i was not able to find something reproducible. An example is:

set nbCpu = `cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep '^processor.:' | wc -l`

Today, i continue with this snapshot even if i have to wait for each xterm i open. Perhaps i'll observe something else.

% cat /proc/version | tr -d '\100'
CYGWIN_NT-5.1 version 1.7.19s(0.263/5/3) (cgf) (gcc version 4.5.3 20110428 (Fedora Cygwin 4.5.3-4) (GCC) ) 20130501 01:15:33


Denis Excoffier.

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