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Re: Compiling Objective-C Using Cygwin

On 5/2/2013 4:01 PM, Eric Kessler wrote:
Thanks! That did it.

I found the package under the category Devel.  There are so many packages
and categories, I didn't know which ones to include and where to look for
them.  The installer does have a dependency checker, but it doesn't seem
to catch all the dependencies.

Categories are a good way to look at things if you know the general area
but not the specific.  If you know the package you're looking for, the
full list or simply using the search box is the most helpful.  As far as
dependencies are concerned, if the dependency is set up, then selecting a
package will pull in those dependencies, barring some bug.  For Objective-C,
that's really at the top of the dependency chain so you'd have to select it
to get it.



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