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Re: postgresql-devel package missing pg_config?

Il 02/05/2013 19.30, Andrey Repin ha scritto:
Greetings, Angelo Graziosi!

     win32gcc             for Win32 with cygwin/gcc

Cygwin gcc? Or mingw gcc? Or, ... ?
In short, ... yeah, what Earnie Boyd said earlier. Just plain wrong.

The "Supported Architectures" cited in [*] are "configure" options:

$ PATH-TO/configure win32gcc [...]   # for the Cygwin build

$ PATH-TO/configure win32 [...] # for the Windows native build (using VC++)

For some historical reason, "win32gcc" identifies Cygwin. Probably, these days, they should change the option to "cygwin" (better: "cygwin32" or "cygwin64", in view of Cygwin development)

I am building ROOT on Cygwin since 2003. Usually the build on Cygwin results in these features:

$ root-config --features
asimage astiff builtin_afterimage builtin_ftgl builtin_glew builtin_zlib cintex explicitlink fftw3 gdml genvector ldap mathmore minuit2 mysql odbc opengl pgsql pythia6 python qt qtgsi reflex roofit ruby shared soversion ssl table tmva unuran x11 xft xml thread

The next generation of ROOT (ROOT 6) will use clang++ (possibly bootstrapping it if it isn't found...)

For what I know, they dont't use Mingw.



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