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Re: Cygwin64: errno.h error values

2013/5/3 Jan Nijtmans wrote:
> 2013/5/3 Christopher Faylor:
>> We make ABSOLUTELY no guarantees that our errnos will match any other
>> system's.  You can't expect that you will be able to use Cygwin errno's
>> in pure Windows applications.  We really don't care if our errnos match
>> those of Windows.  Sorry.
> No need for a sorry. I understand. I just felt obliged to report it, because in
> the (unlikely) case that such a problem arises a major release is the
> only moment that such a thing can be fixed. This would be a chance
> to have a single errno.h shared by mingw, mingw-w64, wine and cygwin
> (which would then be a superset of Microsoft's).
> The mingw-w64 cross-compiler in Cygwin64 (x64_64-w64-mingw32)
> is currently lacking "errno.h",
Absoultely an absurdity.  Of course mingw-w64 provides an errno.h
header.  Not sure where you expect headers are and what content by
your expectations they shall have, but I would recomment that you
might try before starting to do fural guessings.


PS: The native toolchain and cygwin don't share most of the
C-runtime-headers by good reasons.

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