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Re: problems with installing cygwin on windows 7

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 11:25 PM, Piotr Cieplak <> wrote:
> Could anyone help me with this problem?
> I posted this couple of days ago, but so far there is no response.
> When installing cygwin using "default" option - everything goes well. On the other hand
> when trying to install:  everything ("install" option) or  some parts of the cygwin package
> the setup.exe runs for ever and could not complete successfully within 3-5 hours. So I stopped
> it manually.
> I tried to do that using various download sites and it does not help.
> I am trying to install cygwin as a first package on freshly installed windows 7.
> Is anyone experiencing similar problems? What the remedy could be?
> Thanks in advance
> Piotr

Hi Piotr,

I have installed & reinstalled Cygwin recently (and over the past 12
years).  If you got the default version of Cygwin to install
correctly, there is no problem with your computer, etc.  A full
install might take 12 hours, so be patient.  Also, I have found that
the mirror is much faster than the mirror I had
previously used.

A faster option might to use 2-3 steps:

1.  Do a full download and save but don't install.

2.  Do a basic (default) install from the saved files.  This helps to
verify that the download worked without any glitches (the connection
from the mirror through the internet, your ISP, the Setup.exe program
and your computer aren't perfect...sometimes things get garbled).

3. Do a few quick tests to see that the basic install worked (open a
shell window and run "ls -l", etc).  Assuming that works, re-run
Setup.exe and select a few more individual packages for a "full"
install (maybe compilers, editors, etc).  Even with just a few things,
the postinstall scripts can still take a couple of hours to finish
things off, so be prepared and don't kill them before they're
finished.  Repeat as necessary until everything you actually use is

If something goes wrong, you still have the saved download and don't
need to repeat step #1.  Just delete the c:/cygwin dir and start over
at step 2.

Enjoy!  And thank you once again to the entire Cygwin team for helping
those of us who are still stuck interacting with Windoze.   ;)

Alan Thompson

P.S.  I have had to run "rebaseall" each time I do an install or
upgrade over the past year.....not sure why as this never used to be a
problem.  Please see:     It
is only a 5 minute process once you have the correct instructions.

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