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Re: problems with installing cygwin on windows 7

On 03/05/2013 2:28 PM, Alan Thompson wrote:
P.S. I have had to run "rebaseall" each time I do an install or upgrade over the past year.....not sure why as this never used to be a problem.
That's very strange, because setup.exe started running rebaseall automatically just over a year ago [1].

You shouldn't need to run rebaseall these days unless you compile your own .dlls and want them to play nice with the rest of the system.

Please see: It is only a 5 minute process once you have the correct instructions.
Where "correct" means "accurate" and "up to date?***"

Please don't use those instructions, even if they are a the very top of the Google listing for "cygwin setup rebaseall."

First, rebaseall runs automatically as part of setup for over a year now [1]. Second, rebooting into safe mode to stop cygwin services borders on downright silly. Third, you don't need to be Administrator to run rebase unless you messed with file permissions in really weird ways. Fourth, somebody *is* working on a 64-bit port of cygwin; it mostly works at this point, and somebody posted about using it just today in fact [2].


*** but then again, the official documentation at /usr/share/doc/rebase/README still says:
Note that rebaseall is only a stop-gap measure.  Eventually the rebase
functionality will be added to Cygwin's setup.exe, so that rebasing will
happen automatically.
... but at least it doesn't tell you to reboot into safe mode as part of using Cygwin.


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