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Re: ps with command line arguments

Le 7 mai 2013 à 16:39, Warren Young a écrit :

> Your script will also fail on most FreeBSD machines, for example.  On FreeBSD, there is a kernel build option that is often set which prevents user space from *ever* seeing command line options.  It's a security feature, since there are all kinds of things you can learn about other users if you are allowed to see the parameters they pass to their commands.

My "exec" workaround should work on FreeBSD :-) (however not tested on this OS yet) : "bash" process name will be replaced in ps output by the name given to exec with -a option, so perfect, that's enough !

> Still, if you *must* do this, you can install the 'procps' package.  Its procps.exe command behaves like ps on Linux.

The problem with procps.exe it that it relies on /proc/ : a user which do not have admin rights is not allowed to access Cygwin /proc/<pid>/cmdline, /proc/<pid>/stat etc... of other users (although on Linux for example it works)...
This bahavior leads to an incomplete / unreliable procps output.

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