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RE: Installing VIM installs lots of other stuff

Rick Patterson sent the following at Tuesday, May 07, 2013 10:09 PM
>I am wondering why installing VIm installs so many other things: After
>doing a default install of Cygwin, and then not finding VIm, I added VIM
>to the install as well, but found it greatly increased my Cygwin install
>as follows.
>Dependencies listed to be installed:
>After  vi install:  439 M, 19349 files,  1941 folders
>Before vi install:  275 M, 11602 files,   921 folders
> Change to get vim: 164 M,  7747 files,  1020 folders
>%Change to get vim: +60%M, 66.7% files, +110% folders
>So, my Cygwin gets 60% bigger just to install VIm?

Evidently.  ;->

You need to look recursively at the '^requires: ' line of setup.ini.

Vim: alternatives bash libiconv2 libintl8 libncursesw10 vim-common
  => vim-common: bash gawk perl xxd
  => perl: libssp0 libgcc1 libgdbm4 libdb4.5 crypt libbz2_1 perl_vendor _autorebase
  => perl_vendor: perl libssp0 libgcc1 libbz2_1 zlib0 libopenssl100 libncurses10 libreadline7 libncursesw10 libxml2 libiconv2 libexpat1 _autorebase

Doing a complete analysis is left as an exercise for
[ the reader | insomniacs | the masochistic ].
(That's why we let setup do it.)

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