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Re: Cygwin manpages clobbered

On 5/10/2013 08:31, Christopher Faylor wrote:

I don't know what Corinna's return has to do with this.

The open question is whether we're going to switch all the DOCTOOL tags and *.sgml in winsup/cygwin to Doxygen, or keep it as DocBook but move it all to winsup/doc.

I can do it either way. I just think Doxygen gets us more with less effort. (DocBook is still the way to go for prose-heavy documents like the Cygwin FAQ and user manual.)

One Doxygen advantage I haven't mentioned yet: the most basic sort of Doxygen comments on the POSIX interfaces would get Cygwin a set of basic man2 pages for cheap.

I don't propose to try and replace the POSIX docs or the Linux man pages, but at least we could give vi users pressing K on a syscall a parameter list and return value description.

If you're making the call now, nixing the Doxygen conversion idea, I can start moving the docs out of the source subdirectories.

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