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Re: Cygwin manpages clobbered

Warren Young wrote:
> On 5/9/2013 22:12, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I haven't tried digging further to figure out how these man pages were

> I think these outputs look pretty good, myself.  The HTML is the least
> impressive, and it can be fixed with some CSS.  (Code snippets should be
> indented, for example.)
	The manpage looks way cleaned up using color for "double-quoted"
hi-lighting... By intent or by accident -- it looks good!

(for those who didn't bother to generate it,
on 80 char screen formatting looks like):

CYGWIN_CONV_PATH(3)               Cygwin API               CYGWIN_CONV_PATH(3)

       cygwin_conv_path - convert POSIX paths to Windows paths, and vice versa

       #include <sys/cygwin.h>

       ssize_t cygwin_conv_path(cygwin_conv_path_t what, const void* from,
                                void* to, size_t size);

       Use this function to convert POSIX paths in from to Win32 paths in to
       or, vice versa, Win32 paths in from to POSIX paths in to.  what defines
       the direction of this conversion and can be any of the below values.

           CCP_POSIX_TO_WIN_A   /* from char* POSIX to char* Win32    */
           CCP_POSIX_TO_WIN_W,  /* from char* POSIX to wchar_t* Win32 */
           CCP_WIN_A_TO_POSIX,  /* from char* Win32 to char* POSIX    */
           CCP_WIN_W_TO_POSIX,  /* from wchar_t* Win32 to char* POSIX */

       You can additionally or the following values to what, to define whether
       you want the resulting path in to to be absolute or if you want to keep
       relative paths in relative notation. Creating absolute paths is the

           CCP_ABSOLUTE = 0,       /* Request absolute path (default). */
           CCP_RELATIVE = 0x100    /* Request to keep path relative.   */

BTW, though, its not just specific to your scripts, but the PDF code font
is less than optimal.. it's a thin, bit-mapped font w/no anti-aliasing
against a grey background.  It's readable, but barely.  If it was printed,
it would really depend on the printer whether or not it would be legible.
Some of the caps in the code like "LA" with the serif's run-together.

Maybe a non-serif font for the code would work better?  Or something with
thicker lines?

Otherwise, looking good....

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