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Re: Installing VIM installs lots of other stuff

On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 10:37:34AM -0600, Daniel Jensen wrote:
>You'll note, however, that for most distros Perl doesn't depend on 
>openssl, libssp, etc.
>Also, including extra optional stuff as dependencies is considerably 
>more acceptable when you're installing a primary OS. We expect a Fedora 
>or Arch install to need 10GB and daily security updates. That's the 
>unfortunate reality of linux today. For cygwin, on the other hand, 
>people's expectations are different. A lot of people want cygwin to act 
>like "unxutils on steroids" and just give them some basic functionality 
>to supplement Windows. Not everybody is trying to make KDE on Cygwin-X 
>their primary desktop.

Providing the functionality of some obscure, barely used project is not
a stated goal for Cygwin.  No one here is interested in adapting
ourselves to people's expectations for the project if the expectations
have nothing to do with the goals of the project.

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