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Re: What comes with Cygwin?

On 5/14/2013 07:28, Andrew Pennebaker wrote:
I'm looking through the docs, but I can't find a comprehensive list of
which executables come with Cygwin by default.

It changes from time to time. The basic rule is, "whatever is in the Base category" in the package repository.

At the moment, that's these packages:

    alternatives, base-cygwin, base-files, bash, coreutils, cygwin,
    cygwin-docs, dash, editrights, file, findutils, gawk, grep, gzip,
    ipc-utils, libgcc1, libreadline7, login, man, mintty, rebase, run,
    sed, tar, terminfo, tzcode, vim-minimal, which, zlib0

The executables contained within those packages are:

    [ alternatives arch ash base64 basename bash cat chcon chgrp
    chmod chown chroot cksum comm cp csplit cut cygcheck cygpath
    cygserver cygwin-console-helper dash date dd df dgawk dir
    dircolors dirname du dumper echo editrights egrep env expand
    expr factor false fgrep file find fmt fold g gawk getconf
    getfacl gkill grep groups gzip head hostid hostname id install
    ipcrm ipcs join kill ldd ldh link ln locale locate login
    logname ls man man2html md5sum mintty mkdir mkfifo mkgroup
    mknod mkpasswd mktemp mount mv nice nl nohup nproc od oldfind
    passwd paste pathchk peflags pgawk pinky pldd pr printenv
    printf ps ptx pwd readlink realpath rebase regtool rm rmdir
    run runcon sed seq setfacl setmetamode sh sha1sum sha224sum
    sha256sum sha384sum sha512sum shred shuf sleep sort split ssp
    stat strace stty su sum sync tac tail tar tee test timeout
    touch tr true truncate tsort tty tzset umount uname unexpand
    uniq unlink users vdir wc which who whoami xargs yes zdump zic

I've left out a handful of executables in /usr/lib, since they're not in the default $PATH.

For what it's worth, I extracted that list by putting the package list above into a file, one package per line, then ran this on it:

    for p in `cat pkgs` ; do
        cygcheck -l $p | grep exe$ | sed -e s/.exe$// >> exes

I massaged the exe list in Vim to get it in the form you see above.

So, now you can build your own blob-o-exes as you like.

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