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Re: What comes with Cygwin?

On 5/14/2013 09:58, Warren Young wrote:
On 5/14/2013 08:47, Andy Koppe wrote:

I think there are additional ones that get pulled in as dependencies

Yup.  Third attempt:

Grrr.  Fourth attempt:

    [ addftinfo afmtodit alternatives apropos arch ash awk backup
    banner base64 basename bash bashbug bunzip2 bzcat bzcmp
    bzdiff bzegrep bzfgrep bzgrep bzip2 bzip2recover bzless
    bzmore cat chcon chem chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum comm
    conv copy-user-registry-fstab cp csplit cut cygcheck cygdrop
    cyglsa-config cygpath cygserver cygserver-config cygstart
    cygwin-console-helper dash date dd df dgawk dir dircolors
    dirname du dump dumper echo editrights egrep env envsubst
    eqn eqn2graph ex expand expr factor false fgrep file find fmt
    fold gawk gdiffmk getclip getconf getfacl gettext
    gkill grap2graph grep grn grodvi groff groffer grog grolbp
    grolj4 grops grotty groups gunzip gzexe gzip head hostid
    hostname hpftodit id igawk indxbib install ipck ipcrm ipcs
    join kill ldd ldh less lessecho lesskey link lkbib ln locale
    locate login logname lookbib lpr ls lzcat lzcmp lzdiff lzegrep
    lzfgrep lzgrep lzless lzma lzmadec lzmainfo lzmore makewhatis
    man man2dvi man2html manpath md5sum mintty mkdir mkfifo mkgroup
    mknod mkpasswd mkshortcut mktemp mmroff mount msgtool mv neqn
    ngettext nice nl nohup nproc nroff od oldfind passwd paste
    pathchk pdfroff peflags peflagsall pfbtops pgawk pic pic2graph
    pinky pldd post-grohtml pr preconv pre-grohtml printenv printf
    ps ptx putclip pwd readlink readshortcut realpath rebase
    rebaseall refer regtool restore rm rmdir roff2dvi roff2html
    roff2pdf roff2ps roff2text roff2x run runcon rvi sed semstat
    semtool seq setfacl setmetamode sh sha1sum sha224sum sha256sum
    sha384sum sha512sum shmtool shred shuf sleep soelim sort
    split ssp stat strace stty su sum sync tac tail tar tbl tee
    test tfmtodit timeout touch tr troff true truncate tsort tty
    tzselect tzset umount uname uncompress unexpand uniq unlink
    unlzma unxz update-alternatives updatedb users vdir vi wc
    whatis which who whoami winln xargs xz xzcat xzcmp xzdec
    xzdiff xzegrep xzfgrep xzgrep xzless xzmore yes zcat zcmp
    zdiff zdump zegrep zfgrep zforce zgrep zic zless zmore znew

The previous attempt didn't take into account the fact that I've used more than one mirror to create my local Cygwin package tree, so I needed to parse *all* the ini files to chase dependencies properly.

We're up to 291 shell-external commands now, and this takes into account only what lives in "bin/" type paths. It ignores commands and scripts in /etc, /usr/lib...

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