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Re: Bash sub-shell freezing in Midnight Commander

Il 5/14/2013 6:08 PM, Nate Bargmann ha scritto:
I'm relatively new to Cygwin and am using it to enhance portability of a
software package I help maintain.  To be sure that a bug I was hitting
in my compilation was in my software package I updated Cygwin last week
and since then I have found that the sub-shell started by Midnight
Commander is apparently freezing.

I normally set mc for 'Lynx type motion', disable the hint bar, and have
the command bar visible.  When mc starts a Bash prompt should appear in
the command bar but since the update it does not.

Hi Nate,
set mc for 'Lynx type motion', disabled the hint bar,
but I always see the $ of bar command.

To remove it I need explicetely to set it in the options-layout

So you are setting something else, I assume.

Additional, have you tried CTRL-o for switching to sub-shell in full window ?

I haven't found this mentioned anywhere else, so I'm asking here.

- Nate

(mc packager)

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