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Re: Clean install, incomplete setup - no home dir, broken PATH

> If you suspect a scripting issue and you're using 'mintty', you can invoke
> it this way to see where the scripts might be going wrong:
>   mintty /bin/bash -i -l -x
> Otherwise, you can just invoke 'bash' directly from a command prompt with
> the line above minus the 'mintty' bit.

Thanks for the tip Larry.  Invoking mintty with "/bin/bash -l" is a
perfect workaround so far.  Sometime later I'll look for the mintty
source code and try and figure out why mintty isn't running "bash -l"
by default.

It seems possible that the install is working just fine but something
in my environment is confusing mintty.  In a vanilla install, is the
home dir created on first invocation (ie, running /etc/profile for the
first time) or is it supposed to be created as part of the install

Thanks again for the help - I'll post back if I find anything more conclusive.

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