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Re: I want to report a problem with vim, rxvt, and/or cygwin

On 5/15/2013 9:01 PM, Jim Goodsell wrote:
Hello.  I just did a re-load of cygwin, selecting among other packages vim
and rxvt.  When I am editing in vim, and type ^Z to background the session,
and then type fg to resume, I get a blank screen.  Whatever I type is echoed
-- there is no normal response to ESC, ^S, ^Q, ^Z, ^C :, or ^L.  I have to
kill the rxvt from outside.  I researched this and must confess I don't know
how else to report this other than this approach -- I don't know how you
send something to a mailing list.  I hope this gets to someone, if only to
get some advice how to report bugs better.

How does it work for you if you use 'mintty' instead of rxvt?  rxvt is
really all but dead.  I'd recommend not using it.  That said, I tried
starting vim from rxvt, ^Z, and fg.  I could continue the vim session
just fine.  So maybe it has something to do with something in your
environment, something else you're running, or BLODA.

PS I am including the cygcheck output below.

Thanks.  We prefer that the cygcheck output be *attached* rather than



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