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Re: vim-7.3.943-1 missing command 'let g:colors_name = "elflord"' found in vim-common-7.3.943-1

2013/5/17 Gary Johnson wrote:
> This is not a bug.  See Yaakov's announcement in the list on May 12,
> "[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: vim-7.3.943-1".  He explains that the
> packaging scheme has been changed and that /usr/bin/vi is now Vim
> compiled with the "small" feature set.  The "small" feature set does
> not include the +syntax or +eval feature and does not support either
> the :syntax or :let command.
> If you want to use those commands, run vim and not vi, or alias vi
> to vim.  If you want to use the "small" vi, you'll have to adjust
> your ~/.vimrc to avoid using commands that are not supported.  See

The reason that it occurs now is that vim-minimal has been added to
Base recently. That results in the situation you describe.

It is discussed on the cygwin-apps mailing list as well [1]. It
probably can be fixed by using alternatives, but Yaakov is AFK so he
has not been able to respond yet.


[1] and follow ups

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