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Re: Public key authentication not working when I do "ssh localhost"

On 5/18/2013 10:59 PM, Naveen Narayanan wrote:
There are a couple of issues as well: - The group is displayed as
mkgroup. - The user "navenara" does not exist in the localhost, I
guess. It was not displayed in "net user sshd". "navenara" is a Domain
account. Could this be causing the public key authentication issue?

Yes.  Public key authentication requires switching the user context,
which requires the user running 'sshd', 'cyg_server' in this case, to have
certain Windows privileges to do this.  But this user, created by
ssh-host-config, is a local user, not a domain.  So it can't switch
to the domain user context.  Your choices are create a local account
and use that, create a domain account with privileges to run 'sshd',
or don't use public key authentication.  If you're interested in learning
more about how the Windows security model is used in Cygwin, see this
section in the Users Guide:


If you'd like to remove 'mkgroup' as your group, run
'mkgroup -l -d >/etc/group'.  That should grab your domain groups
so that you see the proper one for your user.



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