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Re: Patch for shutdown


I would be unhappy with this proposed change.   The Windows
"shutdown.exe" uses:

 'h' for hibernate
 'l' for logoff
 's' for shutdown and halt
 'r' for shutdown and restart
 'g' for shutdown and restart including registered applications

 'a' for abort shutdown

with the following modifiers:

 'f' for force
 'p' for 'no warning
 'e' document the reason
 'i' display GUI
 'm' specify target computer
 't' specify timeout
 'c' specify comment
 'd' shutdown reason code

I believe it is very important that the Cygwin shutdown not alter the
meaning of command line parameters such that they are different from the
Windows native version.   The various options are already too confusing
to remember.  Typing the right option value into wrong shell should not
result in the wrong behavior if we can help it.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Altman

On 5/20/2013 7:40 AM, Frank Fesevur wrote:
> Hi Corinna,
> Since nobody made real objections about changing the short flag for
> hibernate from -h to -b to make room for -h for halt [1], I created a
> patch to change the shutdown program. The patch was created back in
> March, but with all your work being done on cygwin64, your holiday and
> myself being very busy with life it was held back.
> There were no change to the shutdown CVS since then so here is that
> patch, including a changelog.
> Note that I didn't change the programs version number in this patch. I
> don't know if changing an existing option would require/justify to
> change the version from 1.9 to 2.0 instead of simply to 1.10?
> Regards,
> Frank
> [1]
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