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Re: Bash sub-shell freezing in Midnight Commander

Le 14/05/2013 18:08, Nate Bargmann wrote :
I'm relatively new to Cygwin and am using it to enhance portability of a
software package I help maintain.  To be sure that a bug I was hitting
in my compilation was in my software package I updated Cygwin last week
and since then I have found that the sub-shell started by Midnight
Commander is apparently freezing.

(...) I've tried
downgrading mc but that did not help.  I have found that mc is
responsive until a directory change is called or an external command is
attempted from the command bar.  I have found via Windows Task Manager
that the 'bash.exe' process instantly jumps to 99% CPU usage.  Once that
process is killed mc functionality returns (I didn't test all functions)
although the command bar is dead and no external commands can be run.

Same problem here with mc, freezing ten / twenty seconds on directories navigation and subshell call (crtl-O). Using mc with -u, --nosubshell option "fixes" the problem, but of course, ctrl+O is disabled.

lftp has same issues (freezing and high %CPU on bash.exe) while executing local commands (!ls, !cd, ...).

Reinstalling cygwin package from 1.7.18-1 to 1.7.17-1 restored a safe behaviour.

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