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Re: BUG: Ability to access nonexistent directories

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 03:53:16PM +0400, Fedin Pavel wrote:
> Hello!
>> >>  Heh...
>> >>  So, complete emulation would cost a major performance drop, right ?
>> >>  Well... Can there be any setting which enables these checks ? At
>> least we have one use case...
>> >
>> >Not without lots of new code.
>> So, maybe next Thursday?
> By the way, you said it would be slow... I have an idea how to implement a
>compromise solution which would not be horribly slow.
> What if we check existence of intermediate paths not every time but only
>when we meet thing like '..' ?
> I'll explain... For example, if we would access /foo/bar/baz, testing for
>/foo and /foo/bar existence would supposedly be a waste of time, because we
>would get "Object not found" on the final path too. But, when processing
>thing like /foo/bar/../baz, we really need to check for intermediate dirs.
>But, still not every time. In this example we actually need to test only for
>/foo/bar's existence. I. e. a path to which we apply '..', before stripping
>the last component.
> Does it make sense ?

Perhaps you should check the archives.  This isn't a new idea.


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