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Re: BUG: Ability to access nonexistent directories

On 5/20/2013 11:58 AM, Andy Hall wrote:

So here is a naïve question.  Contrary to Corrina’s posting at, the underlying OS
must effectively evaluate a path from left to right.

As you say, it's a naive question.  Just checking around the web for
information on "bypass traverse checking" would help you understand
things better.  This setting is on by default for Windows users.  This
defines the behavior of how paths are traversed in Windows.  When the
flag is enabled, Windows allows a user to traverse through directories
that he/she has no rights to use in any other way.  A side-effect is
that it doesn't even check if the directory in question exists.  Don't
believe me?  Try the below in a command prompt (i.e. cmd.exe):

C:\tmp>mkdir -p a\c

C:\tmp\a\c>dir a
 Volume in drive C is Default
 Volume Serial Number is <redacted>

 Directory of C:\tmp\a\c

C:\tmp\a\c>dir a\b
The system cannot find the file specified.

C:\tmp>cd a\b\..\c


So I think we can take Corinna's assessment of how Windows manages things
in this case as valid.



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