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Re: Patch for shutdown

2013/5/20 Jeffrey Altman:
> I believe it is very important that the Cygwin shutdown not alter the
> meaning of command line parameters such that they are different from the
> Windows native version.   The various options are already too confusing
> to remember.  Typing the right option value into wrong shell should not
> result in the wrong behavior if we can help it.

But why do you install the cygwin shutdown package when you want to
use the native windows shutdown command line options? The windows
shutdown.exe work just fine when it is run from cygwin (mintty, rxvt,
ssh). When you de-install the cygwin package, you can use the windows
shutdown command.

The cygwin shutdown tries to give a POSIX/Linux-like shutdown
experience and therefore should mimic the common Linux command line
options as good as possible. That's the reason I install the shutdown
package. In cygwin I type "ls", "less", etc. It feels like Linux, so I
want the shutdown to feel like Linux as well and use -h for halt just
like on any real Linux system.

And remember that the cygwin shutdown has long options and the "halt",
"reboot" and "hibernate" commands.


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