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Re: Patch for shutdown

On May 21 17:20, Frank Fesevur wrote:
> 2013/5/21 Corinna Vinschen:
> > I'm a bit reluctant as of the backward compatibility breakage.  What
> > if somebody uses shutdown in a script?  You know, starting a backup
> > in the evening and the last action of the script is to hibernate the
> > machine or something like that...
> That's why I sent my email in March in the first place. But I really
> think having -h for halt is better for a POSIX/Linux-like shutdown.
> And "shutdown -h now" will now halt the machine instead of hibernate.
> Although I understand they definitely are not the same, it won't leave
> the machine turned on. It will be in a "form of off".
> A proper announcement is required. The backward compatibility breakage
> was the reason I thought about 2.x vs 1.x.
> > Say, do you want to take over shutdown
> > maintainership?  It's an easy enough package to start with, it
> > builds fine on 32 and 64 bit, and you get the cygport configuration
> > "for free".  What do you say?
> Anything "for free" must be good ;-)
> I see the cygport file is in src archive. It has been very long since
> I have played with cygport.
> And I have not looked at cygwin64, although I use Win7-64. I had no
> real need for cygwin64 so far, so I wanted to wait for it to be
> officially released. I just ran the setup64.exe found at a nearby
> mirror, installed cygport and gcc/g++ and shutdown compiles under 32
> and 64 bit.
> So back to the question... why not take over? I will read
> thoroughly, create the new packages and
> send the ITA any time soon.

Cool, thanks!

> You keep the sources in CVS right now. But when I take over, I assume
> it is ok I put them at my github.

Uhm... I would prefer if we had the cygwin-specific tools in a single
repository, if it's not asked too much.  I'm sure we could add git
access as well, if it's not already available.


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