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Fwd: Including full path to shared library in the executable file

Hi - I've tried searching online and in mailing list archives but I
couldn't find what I'm looking for.

As I understand it, a Cygwin binary compiled with a shared library (my own
lib), will run only if the .dll file can be found in $PATH, or in the
current working directory from where the executable is run or in the same
directory as the executable. Hope I haven't missed any other variations.

My question is whether there is a way to include the full path to the .dll
while creating the .exe - much like how cmake "link_directories" or
"target_link_libraries" allows you to - for e.g. on Linux (an ldd on the
executable file shows the full path to the .so file and thus
precludes the need to explicitly set LD_LIBRARY_PATH). While this is not a
cmake question (or a cmake mailing list) if you have experience solving
this problem using cmake, would appreciate those insights as well.


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