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Re: python aborts

On May 22 11:11, Denis Excoffier wrote:
> Hello,
> With the current snapshot (20130521) on Windows XP, the following
> fails (with an empty stackdump):
> % /usr/bin/python pyfoo
> Abort (core dumped)
> % cat pyfoo
> import xml.sax
> xml.sax.make_parser()
> % cat python2.7.exe.stackdump
> Stack trace:
> Frame     Function  Args
> % /usr/bin/python --version
> Python 2.7.3
> %
> With some dichotomy, i found that under the 20130430 snapshot it works
> (no "abort", no stackdump), but under 20130501 it does the same
> as today (ie abort).

I have another effect.  In my case the 20130430 snapshot does not
print the "Abort (core dumped)" message, but it still creates the
more or less empty stackdump file as above.  So, AFAICS, the crash
occured before, only you didn't see it.  With Cygwin 1.7.17,
I only get an "Abort" and an entirely empty stackdump.

> My original python program (from which i extracted this test case)
> seems
> to run correctly until the end of it, where the abort occurs.

Well, I'm not sure what's going on, but the crash supposedly occurs
in verifyable_object_isvalid in  This function is usually
called to check if a pthreads object is valid, and it's written so
that a SEGV is expected, catched, and converted to a specific return
code, usually.  Even with a debug-enabled Cygwin DLL I'm not able
to debug this further since python somehow doesn't run the same under


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