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Java not starting subprocess with Cygwin X11 Server, only on OS X 10.6 X11

I am running into an issue with Cygwin X11 Server on Windows 8. Here
is the setup I have. I am running CentOS 6.4 on a server that I SSH
into and forward a program called MegaMek and MekHQ to my desktop.
They are both Java programs. I can SSH into the server, and forward
MegaMek just fine, and no issues. However, when I run MekHQ, it has 2
different screens, and opens an instance of the MegaMek program. When
I do this, using both Cygwin terminal with SSH forwarding, or PuTTY,
watching the logs, the MekHQ program seems to throw an exception, and
start the MegaMek game with no GUI. I can connect to it with another
MegaMek client, but not the forwarded session. When I use OS X 10.6.8,
and SSH into the CentOS server, I can run the MekHQ program with no
I was using the Xming server originally, but that hasn't been updated
since 2007, so I downloaded and installed the Cygwin X11 server, and
all of the components of the server. It seemed to clear a few other
problems I was having with X11 forwarding, but this seems to be
something not too many other people are doing.

This is my first mailing list, so, I'm not sure what all else I should
bring to the table. Thanks for any help guys and gals.

 -- Phillip A. Dudley

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