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STC for fork SEGV after dlclose

The libapr1 test cases starting failing with my 64-bit package and
1.7.19-6. They worked fine with 1.7.19-5. After a little
investigation, I discovered that only the tests that involve fork()
were failing and only if the "testdso" test case ran first. That
test case checks loading and unloading DLLs.

I extracted the attached STC. It creates a simple DLL and uses
dlopen() and dlclose() on it. Then it attempts a fork().

With the latest 32-bit snapshot (2013-05-24) this causes a
segfault. The same thing happens with the 64-bit release. With
1.7.18, the test case hangs for quite a while, but eventually
finishes, except that the fork() never really happens and I get a
weird error code when I run it in gdb. If I skip the dlclose() call,
the STC runs fine.

It's weird, but the libapr1 test suite does not fail on 32-bit with
the 2013-05-24 snapshot (or with 1.7.18). I don't know why the STC
fails and the test suite does not.

There's a pretty good chance that I'm doing something dumb in the
STC since I don't do this type of programming. If so, please let me
know and accept my apologies.

To run the test, just run "make". To run it without the dlclose(),
run "make test-nofail".


David Rothenberger  ----

alimony, n:
        Having an ex you can bank on.

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