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Attn: Yaakov [Was: Re: cygutils Postinstall Script Errors With Exit Code 128]

On 5/29/2013 11:47 AM, Reini Urban wrote:
I got the cygutils postinstall error also, caused by missing dependencies.

$ cat /etc/postinstall/
/usr/bin/update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

both scripts do not exist, and are no cygutils reqs.
please test against it.
test -f /usr/bin/update-desktop-database && /usr/bin/update-desktop-database
test -f /usr/bin/update-mime-database && /usr/bin/update-mime-database

Known issue, waiting for cygport fix. cygutils relies on cygport auto-generating the postinstall scripts which invoke those tools. Cygport does this because the install package contains the following two files:


...and it generates the postinstall script unconditionally (e.g. I can't turn it off) and the generated postinstall scripts themselves call the tools unconditionally. Cygport also automatically adds the packages which contain those tools to the requires: field of the setup.hint, so...under normal circumstances, everything should be fine.

However, at user request I've manually removed the requires: line, because the addition of these two files to the cygutils package shouldn't have the effect of pulling *PERL* into the Base category. I assumed we'd live with the semi-brokenness for a few days, until...

...I'm waiting for Yaakov to say whether this should be "fixed" in cygport [1], or if I should override all the auto-generation stuff by manually creating an explicit postinstall script (with suitable tool existence checks) and setup.hint.

[1] arguably, cygport is doing the right thing: (1) ensuring that the tools are called to install the two files, and (2) ensuring that the packages which contain those tools are listed in the requires: line. So, I'm not sure what the "correct" fix should be, and am waiting for Yaakov's input.



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