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Re: Attn: Yaakov [Was: Re: cygutils Postinstall Script Errors With Exit Code 128]

On 5/30/2013 5:08 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On May 29 18:51, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
But now that you mention it, is cygutils *supposed* to be in Base?
It is marked category: Utils, but seems to be pulled into Base only
because of cygwin-doc (which *is* in Base, oddly enough; shouldn't
it just be Doc?) listing it as a dependency.

That sounds strange.  Was cygwin-doc always in Base?  It contains the
cygwin docs and basic man pages but that doesn't really  qualify for the
Base category.

Over the years, cygutils has "lost" a lot of content to other packages (standalone, util-linux, etc), and gained a smaller collection of new tools. In the past, cygutils may have been considered more central than its current incarnation deserves.

current contents of cygutils:

banner.exe              getclip.exe             readshortcut.exe
conv.exe                ipck                    semstat.exe
cygdrop.exe             lpr.exe                 semtool.exe
cygicons-0.dll          mkshortcut.exe          shmtool.exe
cygstart.exe            msgtool.exe             winln.exe
dump.exe                putclip.exe

Other than cygstart, cygdrop and lpr(?), and maybe the new winln, I can't see that any of those really deserve to be in Base. If cygwin-doc is truly the only thing pulling cygutils into Base, then (a) removing cygutils from cygwin-doc's requires:, or (b) removing cygwin-doc from Base, would have the (desired?) effect of removing cygutils from Base.

One caveat, mentioned in my other reply: cygutils' own requires: line lists dos2unix, so right now a Base install gets that package. This is probably desirable, but if we (effectively) remove cygutils from a Base install, we probably would want to add dos2unix to Base explicitly.

If we want to include (some subset of) cygutils explicitly in Base, I could see splitting into three subpackages:
   cygutils (Base):
      cygdrop cygstart lpr mkshortcut readshortcut winln
   cygutils-extra (Util): [requires: cygutils]
      almost everything else, including documentation and man
      pages (even for the exe's in the Base package)
   cygutils-x11 (X11): [requires: cygutils]
      the two desktop files, and the postinstall scripts that
      handle them
This way, any package that currently requires: cygutils will almost certainly get the tool it is looking for, without having to change its requires line (and besides, if cygutils is in Base you'd get those anyway).

> Also, why does cygwin-doc depend on cygutils at all?  It only contains
> info and man pages, so the deps should be coreutils and man,
> but nothing else, AFAICS.

Maybe it used to install a shortcut to the documentation into the Start Menu, and needed mkshortcut to do so? It doesn't do that anymore (if it ever did), so the dependency on cygutils sure seems superfluous.



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