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Re: sqlite3: bug with monotone

On May 30 18:56, Warren Young wrote:
> 1. We continue waiting for someone to to implement a per-process or
> per-subtree mandatory locking feature in Cygwin, so that "Unix mode"
> SQLite on Cygwin can be configured to cooperate with native SQLite.

What kind of locking does sqlite use on Cygwin:

[ ] POSIX fcntl locks
[ ] BSD flock locks
[ ] Old POSIX lockf locks?

Here's a proposal:

- Only add optional mandatory locking to fcntl and flock locks, not for
  lockf locks.

- Add a flag F_MDLCK which can be or'ed to struct flock's l_type.

- Add a flag LOCK_MD which can be or'ed to the 2nd parameter to flock(2).

- Using these flags, I'll resurrect the old pre-Cygwin 1.7 locking code
  which does NOT support F_GETLK.  I will try, but I can also not
  guarantee that a blocking, mandatory lock call will be interruptible
  by signals.

- For anything else,

Does that sound ok?


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