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Re: sqlite3: bug with monotone

On 2013-05-31 13:45, Warren Young wrote:
On 5/30/2013 22:23, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
I can confirm that -DSQLITE_TEMP_STORE=2 is enough to fix
monotone on its own.

I have updated my build accordingly, plus added two more configuration
options, and a patch for the manpage, from Fedora.  Can *this* get into
the distro package?

I don't see any serious problems from changing that build option.  It
doubtless would prevent 32-bit Cygwin SQLite from accessing gigabyte+
DBs, but those needing to do such things can a) set the pragma to
restore previous behavior; b) switch to Cygwin 64; or c) switch to
native SQLite.

Shouldn't this only limit the size of temp tables? How often would those be that large?

As for the rest of it, are you proposing that I adopt your Ports version
of SQLite, replacing what I have?  Does yours include the Unix mode /tmp
patch I mentioned?

You may if you wish; the /tmp patch is there now, alongside the aforementioned manpage patch and other enabled options.


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