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Re: SQLite temporary path creation broken in latest stable release

On 6/9/2013 19:26, Daniel Colascione wrote:
which I haven't been able to test

You should. One of the changes is to prefer creating temporary tables in memory instead of on disk, which should bypass the problem.


This bug is already under discussion on the SQLite mailing list:

None of the SQLite core developers have responded to my charge that this looks like a bug in SQLite. It shouldn't be generating temporary file names with backslashes in them for Cygwin builds, since it knows such paths go through the Cygwin DLL, which sometimes has trouble doing the right thing with backslashes.

There is a chance the bug exists in the "Unix" path as well, since backslashes are legal in POSIX paths but not on Cygwin, but since the in-memory change will avoid this, my motivation to fix this bug twice is low. Once should be enough.

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