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Re: SQLite temporary path creation broken in latest stable release

Greetings, Warren Young!

>>> None of the SQLite core developers have responded to my charge that this
>>> looks like a bug in SQLite.  It shouldn't be generating temporary file
>>> names with backslashes in them for Cygwin builds...
>> There's no reason to ever use backslashes in paths, ever.

> I suspect it is an interaction between #ifdef WINDOWS == true and the 
> cygwinTempPath() hack patched into that version.  The mainline SQLite 
> code doesn't realize we've played a bit of sleight of hand with it, so 
> it fails when it wants to add a second level to its temporary storage 
> hierarchy.

> If true, that's yet another reason to switch to 3.7.17: I removed the 
> hack since we're building as SQLITE_OS_UNIX.

I was referring to the fact, that Windows IO functions do not see a
difference between forward and backward slashes.
If you intend to write cross-platform application, you better off using
forward slashes internally in all cases.

Andrey Repin ( 13.06.2013, <00:28>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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