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1.7.21: Problem using svn accessing UNC network pathes


Today I updated my cygwin to version 1.7.21. Due to a bunch of lockup problems I was previously sticking to 1.7.17. A short test shows that the lockups appears to be solved (that are the good news - thanks to all involved) - but I got a new problem now. Performing a "svn st" on a subversion working copy residing on a UNC share is broken now.

I do get this error message:
svn: E0700008: Can't read directory '//server/share/path': Partial results are valid but processing is incomplete.

When I exchange cygwin1.dll with the one from 1.7.20 the svn st command works as expected.

So I did an strace with both cygwin1.dll versions (I attached the outputs of both runs to this email in a tarball).

svn_st_1720.txt contains the working trace when doing svn st on 1.7.20
svn_st_1721.txt contains the output of my broken run on 1.7.21

The output is pretty much in sync up to line 824. It starts to differ
heavily in 825. In line 825 of svn_st_1721.txt it appears that maybe in normalize_posix_path() a / too much is cut off from the beginning of the unc path and it might mess up local and network pathes.

BTW: I still have to run a self compiled version subversion 1.7.2 as you can see from the strace logs. I recompiled it today freshly on 1.7.21 but this does not make any change.

Thanks for your help,


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