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Re: emacs won't run

Il 12/6/2013 2:38 PM, Andrea Venturoli ha scritto:
On 12/05/13 15:40, marco atzeri wrote:

In the end I got a trace file (which is over 7MB!), but it's nothing I
can interpret.
What should I do?
Anything I should look for?

any seriuos error ;-)

Wish I could discern... :-)

the crash is here

--- Process 3888, exception c0000005 at 610FA004
--- Process 3888, exception c0000005 at 00597673
--- Process 3888, exception c0000005 at 610D67B3

$ addr2line.exe -a 610FA004 -e /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll

but I do not see a clear reason of why it is happening

verifyable_object_isvalid (void const *objectptr, thread_magic_t magic, void *static_ptr1,
                           void *static_ptr2, void *static_ptr3)
  myfault efault;
  if (efault.faulted (objectptr))                           <<< here
    return INVALID_OBJECT;                                  <<<

  verifyable_object **object = (verifyable_object **) objectptr;

  if ((static_ptr1 && *object == static_ptr1) ||
      (static_ptr2 && *object == static_ptr2) ||
      (static_ptr3 && *object == static_ptr3))
  if ((*object)->magic != magic)
    return INVALID_OBJECT;
  return VALID_OBJECT;

see here
Problem reports:
and follow the "cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out" point

additonal you can upload the trace file somewhere, so someone could take
a look

Both files are here:


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