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Re: Install Bash 4.2 for Cygwin fails

On Dec 11 11:10, Javier Murillo MÃrquez wrote:
> I tried to install bash 4.2 but I get this error when I write "make"
> rm -f bash.exe
> gcc -L./builtins -L./lib/readline -L./lib/readline -L./lib/glob
> -L./lib/tilde  -L./lib/sh -L./lib/termcap    -g -O2 -o bash.exe
> shell.o eval.o general.o make_cmd.o print_cmd.o  dispose_cmd.o
> execute_cmd.o variables.o copy_cmd.o error.o expr.o flags.o jobs.o
> subst.o hashcmd.o hashlib.o mailcheck.o trap.o input.o unwind_prot.o
> pathexp.o sig.o test.o version.o alias.o array.o arrayfunc.o assoc.o
> braces.o bracecomp.o bashhist.o bashline.o  list.o stringlib.o
> locale.o findcmd.o redir.o pcomplete.o pcomplib.o syntax.o xmalloc.o
> -lbuiltins -lglob -lsh -lreadline -lhistory ./lib/termcap/libtermcap.a
> -ltilde  lib/intl/libintl.a    -ldl
> general.o: En la funciÃn `make_absolute':
> /bash-4.2/general.c:630: referencia a `cygwin_conv_to_full_posix_path'
> sin definir
> /bash-4.2/general.c:630:(.text+0xcc9): reubicaciÃn truncada para
> ajustar: R_X86_64_PC32 contra el sÃmbolo
> `cygwin_conv_to_full_posix_path' sin definir
> collect2: error: ld devolvià el estado de salida 1
> Makefile:540: recipe for target 'bash.exe' failed
> make: *** [bash.exe] Error 1
> I dont know what I need to do. Thanks! :)

Bash 4.2 is *still* using the old and long deprecated
cygwin_conv_to_full_posix_path function.  It should long have changed
the call to use the cygwin_conv_path or cygwin_create_path function.

Eric?  Any chance to update bash?


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Red Hat

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