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Clearing the buffer after quitting LESS, MAN, VIM etc.


maybe I have found a bug in the Cygwin.

I have been using Cygwin on the 64bit Windows 7 for a long time and I never
experienced this problem. But I bought a new laptop and on the fresh new
system (also 64bit Windows 7) the same Cygwin with the same configuration
cleared the screen buffer whenever I quit LESS, MAN, VIM etc. And it
bothered me very much.

Because I'm using Cygwin inside ConEmu terminal emulator, I suspected
the ConEmu. After a lot of hours comparing everything what potentially
could be the cause (environment variables, configurations, software
versions etc.), I had a conversation with the ConEmu's author (and he was
really great, exemplary support for the free software!). And we finally
found the cause.

The only difference (or one of few) was in the display size. The old laptop
has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, while the new one has
1920 x 1080. And I'm using the whole screen for the terminal window. It's
really strange, but if the terminal window height is greater than
cca 62 lines, the screen buffer is cleared after quitting the LESS, VIM
etc. No matters if Cygwin is executed inside the ConEMu or plain cmd.exe.
Making the terminal window smaller solved the problem. Window height
of 62 lines seems to be fine for me. Also, with some of greater height
values, the LESS/VIM process sometimes crashed.

The whole story how we have found the cause and workaround of this
issue you could find here:

Could somebody reproduce this issue, please?

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