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Re: Ok, then

This is more philosophic than technical.

I would like to put together a tutorial that groups unix command line tools according to complexity so that the easiest and most essential tools are presented first and the more complex tools are stated later, along with a short description that would clarify an individual's research beforehand, just like DOS used to do, in similar subsets.MAN and INFO do not do this, and often MAN and INFO have commands that a system might not even have with no reason in sight for why. The bash HELP does that too. Building docs and similar activities could prime a user for ferreting out issues, and it could be a basically harmless process, fairly easy to instruct on, and very constructive for the education of users.

I like unix utilities, I have to stop myself from using ls at a DOS prompt because I do dir/w anyway(and the difference is irrelevant in powershell), but I've had the problem of trying to work through a glut of documentation to discover how not to have to work through a glut of documentation.

A tutorial at least similar to what I have described will ultimately lead to windows users not sounding as dumb as I probably have. Otherwise it doesn't have much of a use. Cygwin is better developed than almost every set of unix tool replacement suites available, and far more trustworthy, so I don't see why this would be a bad idea.

I am not specifically complaining, either, I am saying I would like to help fix something that doesn't likely look like a problem, but sort of is. Both Cygwin and Linux are losing potential users because of a simple hiccup in the learning process that I would like to help with.

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