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Re: mintty system integration before release

On Jul  3 10:08, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> On 01.07.2015 12:47, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On Jun 27 17:59, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> >>...
> >>I think it's sufficient for this project to have one of issue tracker or
> >>mailing list/forum, not both. And an issue tracker has the valuable
> >>advantage that you can close issues...
> >Mailing lists allow discussing stuff before formally requesting
> >something via issue tracker.  E.g, user problems can be both, a user
> >just having a thinko or a bug.  ML discussions help to find out and
> >avoid spurious issues in the issue tracker.  Also, many people happily
> >report bugs on mailing lists but don't want to be bothered with
> >issue trackers which you have to login to.
> Sure. My assumption was that would be a good place for
> occasional questions of that kind.

That's fine, but that only covers the cygwin users, while mintty exists
in a non-Cygwin version as well, IIRC.  I was just outlining why I think
having a mailing list is a good thing.  Ultimately it's your (and perhaps
Andy's) call.

> Also I had somewhat associated the google groups list with the closing
> google code area but that's probably not proper.
> If you prefer to divert traffic off this list, I'll reconsider. Also, if
> people start discussions on the old list, I can still mention it on the
> homepage.
> I have a package now to publish but need to find a timeslot to fiddle with
> the lftp upload...

/me is jumping up and down in anticipation


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