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Re: autoreconf: problem while executing

On 7/4/2015 12:19 PM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
why have you installed everything ?

your system :
$ grep OK cygcheck.out |wc -l

my system:
$ cygcheck -cd |wc -l

so you have 4 time more packages then me and I am a heavy user.

I strongly suspect that you consumed all available
address slots for rebase, so the forks are almost impossible.
May be on a 64 system it will work, but on 32 bit you have an issue.

on my 32 bit system all the addresses from
  $ rebase -si | awk '{print $3}' |sort | head -n 1

to 0x6fff0000 are busy.

Please check the output of
    rebase -si | awk '{print $3}' |sort | head -n 1

or look for the lowest address using
  rebase -si |less

I suggest you to remove most of  not necessary programs.

In particular, he should not install more texlive-collection-* packages than he thinks he will need. Even without fork problems, zp_texlive_finish.dash takes a long time to run if all texlive collections are installed.

In addition, he should run 'rebase-trigger full' and stop all Cygwin processes (including services) before re-running setup-x86.exe, so that the autorebase postinstall script will do a full rebase.


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