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Re: setup improvement . was : autoreconf: problem while executing

On 7/7/2015 4:09 PM, Simon Eigeldinger wrote:
while it was removing the packages, perl hang a bunch of times and i had
to kill it all the time it started hanging.

After i did a full rebase and i tried to run autoreconf i got again the
fork issues.
seems that hasn't helped much.

I have sometimes found that I have to reboot before the full rebase works properly. I'm not sure why. In your case, however, I agree with what Marco said: You probably have too many DLLs installed, and rebasing simply won't do the job.

wonder if there is a problem with perl?


maybe removing the desktops might be a big load off the system?

I think it will be extremely tedious and time-consuming to try to solve the problem by selectively uninstalling packages. You might be better off starting with a new installation, and just selecting for install the packages you think you need. For example, you could start by just installing autoconf and its dependencies. The autorebase postinstall script should have no problem with that. Then re-run setup-x86.exe and install additional packages/categories that you need (but not everything!).

Good luck.


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